Grzegorz Duda

Leads development team of 22 people working in complex environment with a lot of external dependencies in Sabre Polska. Currently working on TripCase.
Rest part of his life he shares between lovely wife and 2 kids, as well as Java Community in Poland.
Founder and only organizer of 33rd Degree conference.
Chief Editor of JAVA exPress - first e-magazine about Java in Poland, owner of Polish Java blog aggregator, Java podcaster, organzier of NYAC and 5 editions of COOLuary - first Open Space Conference in Poland, former Polish JUG leader, organizer of 1st edition GeeCON conference, member of technical commitee of JDD and 4Developers.

Public speaking:

From Junior Java Developer to Tech Lead and beyond (JDD, Krakow, Poland, 14th-15th October 2013)
From Junior Java Developer to Tech Lead and beyond (Confitura, Warsaw, Poland, 6th July 2013)YouTube / PDF
From Busy To Effective Developer (JDD, Krakow, Poland, 25th-26th October 2012) YouTube
From Busy To Effective Developer (CareerCon, Krakow, Poland, 28th July 2012)
From Busy To Effective Developer (Confitura, Warsaw, Poland, 30th June 2012) Parleys / YouTube
Welcome to the Javaland - panel (JDD, 2011)
Opening keynote (NYAC and COOLuary v.4, 2010)
Opening keynote (COOLuary v.3, 2009)
Groovy and Grails in 180 minutes - workshop (COOLuary v.3, 2009)
Opening keynote (COOLuary v.2, 2009)
Groovy and Introduction to Grails - workshop (COOLuary v.2, 2009)
Java Underground (4Developers, 2009)
Opening keynote (COOLuary v.1, 2009)
Java Underground (JDD, 2008)


In Polish Fearless Developer Road to Driving Technical Change

Have you ever had idea for improvement that was not implemented? "They" didn't get your brilliant idea? Your boss is not wise enough to understand it and co-workers too lazy to try it out? If so, please join the session to learn how to prepare your case so managers and non-technical people can see benefits. You will learn how different people see the changes and what can convince them to follow your ideas. You'll also get understanding of what blocks them from accepting your solutions. And also you'll learn how to remove their objections without asking them to become technical guru. We will also talk about real use cases I went through with failure and success. I will share what I have learned in my 10+ years of professional IT career.