Szczepan Faber

Szczepan Faber is a Krakow-based engineer and consultant. Founder of Mockito, one of the Gradle core developers, speaker at conferences, obsessed with test code quality and totally excited about continuous delivery. Tweets at @szczepiq, codes at and can be reached at szczepiq @ gmail


In English Continuous delivery: capitalizing high quality automated tests

- What are the challenges with continuous deployment and delivery in open source libraries, and in a corporate ecosystem? - What’s the stake? Why should you care about it? - How can we ensure high quality releases in continuous delivery mode? Mockito is intended to help writing cleaner and easier to maintain tests. Many tools and frameworks have similiar goals. Also, there are practices and methodologies focused around writing test code, TDD being the best example. We have the tooling, we have the methodology, we can start writing high quality test code any day (or continue doing it). The next logical step is to fully capitalize comprehensive and stable automated test coverage, and start delivering continuously. We will discuss it based on your experience and my lessons learned from Mockito, Gradle, and corporate environments I worked in from Europe to Silicon Valley.