Obaidur Rashid

Obaidur (OB) Rashid has over 15 years of experience in software development. Currently, he is a Senior Director of Software Engineering at Oracle Corporation. At Oracle, he is responsible for the Talent Management suite of applications for the mid market namely, Taleo Business Edition. He is also responsible for a few shared services such as Mobile development and QA Automation across Taleo Learn and Taleo Business Edition. Prior to Oracle/Taleo, he served as the Director of Engineering responsible for all application development at StarCite. Incidentally, he started his career at Oracle where he eventually move to the rank of an Applications Architect. OB has a passion for teaching, he taught Database and advanced Java courses at College of San Mateo. OB has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science. 


In English Agile Transformation - How to Change Minds, Deliver Amazing Results and Enjoy The Journey!

Transitioning an organization from Waterfall to Agile can be difficult much like any change management tends to be. For most people involved, it ends up being an ordeal. But, there is a better way. With the right strategy and tools, this can be a rather rewarding and unifying experience instead. In this talk, we will discuss one such transition and the elements that contributed to its success. 

By attending this event, you will get to know:

  • How to convince upper management, peers and other stake holders

  • How to get the transition off the ground effectively

  • How to make the transition everybody's problem

  • How to deliver results that goes beyond expectations