Coders Meal

For all of you - community hungry souls - we have something special. Right after the first lecture of the first day of JDD conference, you will have a great opportunity to meet new people.

Coders Meal is a breakfest for Developers where you will meet random people and eat good breakfast. The rules are simple:

  • grab your breakfast
  • go to the table signed with the same color as you've got on your badge during the registration
  • enjoy the meal and talk to the others at the table for 5 minutes at least
  • feel free to go to the next table and meet new people

In one hour you should meet 10 new devs, although some of them you may already know.

No ideas for questions or topics? Don’t worry! You will have a cheat sheet with good ideas to start on each table.

You were at the Coders Meal, but it’s not over! Strengthen your new connections. Talk to your new code-friends at the Afterparty later in the evening.

~~ Let’s expand community together! ~~


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